Of Hospital Gowns and Hebrew


Dear Friends,

In this week’s Torah portion, Miketz, the very reason Joseph needed to be in Egypt in the first place becomes clear. Pharaoh has dreams that no one is able to interpret. Joseph is brought from the prison. He is not only able to interpret Pharoah’s dreams but, based upon those dreams, he puts a plan in place and turns that plan into reality. During the seven years of abundance he stores up as much food as possible so that, when the seven lean years arrive, he and the rest of the society are ready.

Vision and tenacity- those are the qualities Joseph relied upon. They are the same qualities that explain why Am Yisrael Chai- the People of Israel Live!

As the final Shabbat of 2016 approaches I am writing to you from the warmth and comfort of my home here in South Orange. Raina and I were …

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Rabbi Cohen TSTI Annual Meeting 2015 


What an incredible honor it is to stand here before you during our TSTI Annual Meeting for the 22nd time. I have always known what a privilege it is to serve this sacred community. This year I am especially grateful for the opportunity to be part of the TSTI Family.

There is a Rosh Hashanah teaching that explains why the shofar is the appropriate symbol for the new year. No matter how much you practice and prepare to blow the shofar, this teaching explains, anything can and often does happen when you actually go to sound it. Similarly, no matter how thoughtfully you prepare for the new year, once it begins to unfold, anything can and often does happen. One must, it concludes, be prepared to address whatever may come your way.

That has, to a certain degree, been the nature of this year. As we always do, we …

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TSTI President Craig Krandel Annual Meeting 2015

It is an honor to have served this congregation for the past year and i want to say thank you for entrusting me with such a position. It is truly hard to believe that a year has already gone by. I must admit that when I accepted this position, the majority of comments that i got were, “are you nuts??”, “you must be out of your mind”, I have to say that it has been the complete opposite experience. I can honestly say that it has been one of the the most rewarding experiences of my life. To be able to work with and serve a community such as the one we have here at TSTI is not something that many others have the privilege of doing.

It has been a challenging year. One that faced many unscheduled meetings, holiday conference calls and difficult decisions and I must say, …

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TSTI Students Learn About Inclusion, Diversity with Artist Julie Wohl- from VillageGreenNJ.com


Religious school students at Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel in South Orange have just completed an art project based on the Jewish concept of b’tzelem elohim – “in the image of God.” The project was spearheaded by Mindy Schreff, director of the Reform synagogue’s Linda and Rudy Slucker Religious School, and artist-in-residence Julie Wohl, who led students age 5 through 13 on a creative journey that combined art with Jewish text.

Schreff worked with Wohl to envision an art piece that would represent b’tzelem elohim, a concept that is closely aligned with the school’s curriculum as well as that of TSTI’s Iris Family Center for Early Childhood Education, which fosters inclusion and diversity. TSTI is known in the wider community for its barrier-free building and commitment to serving students with special needs.

“We wanted to find a way for the students to express the idea of b’tzelem elohim visually,” said Schreff.

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TSTI Hebrew High Seniors Share Their Plans


During the last night of Hebrew High for this year our graduating seniors shared their plans for next year with the rest of the Hebrew High. They also used the opportunity to thank Rabbi Miller for her years teaching them and directing Hebrew High and wished her luck in the new position. 

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Mazal Tov to Rabbi Ellie Miller


Mazal Tov to Rabbi Miller on becoming the next rabbi of Temple B’nai Or in Morristown, NJ. The congregational vote, which was taken over the weekend, unanimously confirmed her as the congregation’s new rabbi.

We congratulate Rabbi Miller and the members of B’nai Or!…

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TSTI at Cycle for Survival


Different teams, one goal. TSTI members David Leit, Howard Konicov and Roberta Probber are cycling together today to raise funds for the fight against rare cancers. #thisismybattlecry #memorialsloankettering #equinox #tikkunolam #tstiinaction…

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