TSTI at Cycle for Survival


Different teams, one goal. TSTI members David Leit, Howard Konicov and Roberta Probber are cycling together today to raise funds for the fight against rare cancers. #thisismybattlecry #memorialsloankettering #equinox #tikkunolam #tstiinaction…

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Carol Paster Gets Punny at Holiday Happenings


Carol, Mindy and Cantor Moses join with young families to celebrate Tu Bi’Shvat and make soup for the soup kitchen.
And yes, from inside her pot Carol removed this kitchen utensil from her pot while singing…

“I have a little ladle…” She’s punny like that.…

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TSTI Members In Action- Helping Women and Girls. Period.

Our community is involved in so many important projects and organizations. And, in keeping with who TSTI members are, much of the time things fly under the radar. Every now and then however the good works done by TSTI members gets seen by many. Thats the case here with this NYTimes article writeen by TSTI member Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and detailing the work of Emma and Quinn Joy… also TSTI members.



IMG_4374-0.PNGJennifer Weiss-Wolf JANUARY 28, 2015

A friend recently laughed about the time she was unloading the groceries and absent-mindedly put a box of tampons in the freezer, leading her pre-teen daughter to inquire whether they worked better when cold. We all have our stories – ranging from the funny to the mildly embarrassing to the mortifying – that revolve around menstrual mishaps and messes.

But for the more than 40 million women in this country living in …

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Sharing Our Stories- w/ Reverend Dr. Tony Crisp



I had the privilege this evening to share the stage with @DrTonyCrisp at the @AIPAC #NEGala . We shared a bit of our stories and talked about our love for and commitment to, the State of Israel.

At a time when people of different faiths, political parties and social views seem to talk with one another less and less it was an honor to stand with my colleague and new friend to model what is possible when we celebrate what binds us rather than obsessing on what divides us.

I’m hoping to invite him to come speak to the TSTI community in the very near future.



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First-Hand From Paris, a Reform Rabbi’s Perspective

This letter comes from Rabbi Tom Cohen. He heads a reform congregation in Paris. It was shared with my by TSTI member Ellen Lewis Rice who notes that she and TSTI Past-President Jay Rice met the Parisian Rabbi Cohen a few years ago when he led their group on a tour of the Marais and some other points of interest in Paris. He offers some first-hand thoughts about recent events and writes…

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me for this rather impersonal group letter, rather than a personal note to each one of you. Do know that given the time, I’d prefer otherwise!

That being said, it is truly amazing the tremendous number of phone calls, SMS, email messages, linkedin messages and facebook messages I have received since last Wednesday. How so very true is the Talmudic statement in Shevuot (39a) declaring, “Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh”, meaning ‘all of Israel …

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Hanukkah Lights Day Five- Cantor Moses on “Adopting” a US Soldier

imageThe other day we focused on Ron Gross’ involvement with Friends of the IDF. Support for Israeli soldiers is important. Thanking and supporting our own troops is as well. That’s exactly what Cantor Moses does by “adopting” a members of the US armed services.

From Cantor Moses:

When I married my husband I also married into a family with a long and honorable military background. My brother-in-law, an active duty Marine was stationed in Iraq just after I met him. It was during his tour of duty that I really wanted to support him and the other amazing young men and women who, sometimes in spite of their personal politics, have chosen to serve our country. Whatever your personal feelings about the operations in which the men and women of our armed forces are engaged, they deserve our thanks, our respect, and even a little treat now and then to …

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