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Ideas from Mindy

Continuing with my theme of sharing a bit about Jews around the world, this month I will focus on the Jews of India. Throughout the history of India, there have been several different communi- ties of Jews that thrived amongst the Hindu community. I am going to focus on the tribe known as the Bene Israel (Children of Israel), as they were the largest community in India.

There are varying beliefs as to where and how the Bene Israel originated, but the most popular seems to be found in oral tradi- tion. It has been said that the Jews who fled in 175 B.C.E. from the ruler Antiochus Epiphanes (remember him from the Chanukah story?) were ship wrecked on the Konkan Coast, about 30 miles south of Bombay. The survivors included 7 men and 7 women who became the Bene Israel community. As the community grew, the Bene Israel took

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