Words from Carol Paster, Preschool Director

Time is relative. Summer months fly by,
but the winter is endless. A wedding
day is over in a flash, but waiting for
medical test results for a loved one has the minutes dragging on
and on. A two-week vacation is way too short, yet spending an
hour at a less-than-stimulating meeting can feel like an eternity.
Parents of young children feel as though they will never get
through the ‘terrible 2’s’ phase, while parents of high-schoolers
are amazed to find they have a new driver in the family.

Not only do specific situations create a sense of a time shift, but
I have a different sense of time depending on my own age at the
time of the event. When I was a child, my next birthday seemed
light years away. I remember how important it was to say I was
4½ and then 4¾. Now when I celebrate

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