March 2021 Adult Ed


Wednesday, March 3 at 7:00pm

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin: The Studio of the South Part I
Facilitator: Janet Mandel

In February of 1888 Vincent van Gogh traveled to Arles in the south of France to escape the frenzied atmosphere of madcap Paris. He made ambitious plans to found an artists’ colony that would breathe new life into French art. He finally succeeded in persuading Paul Gauguin to join him. The tumultuous story of what happened in the “Studio of the South” requires two parts to tell. Gauguin’s sojourn with Vincent, which culminated with the infamous “ear” incident, is one of the most dramatic in the history of modern art. But the paintings created by these two masters during this turbulent time are among the most innovative images of the late 19th Century. To register click HERE. 

March 4, 11, 18 at 7:30pm

A Taste of Judaism 
Facilitators: Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Klein, Cantor Moses

Enjoy three sessions exploring a modern Jewish take on spirituality, values, and community. Classes are dynamic and interactive.Open to both members and non-members, this course is designed for interfaith couples, those raising Jewish children, spiritual seekers, individuals considering conversion, and anyone curious about Judaism. A Taste of Judaism® assumes no previous Jewish background. To register click HERE 

Friday, March 5 (7:00pm immediately following services)

Shabbat Scholars 
Featuring Authors Abby Sher and Paola Mendoza

Abby Sher is a member of TSTI, an Improv Impresario, and author of five books. Paola Mendoza is a film director, activist, artist & author; and is co-founder of the Women’s March.

We will discuss the book  “Sanctuary” and its relationship to the plight of Immigrants. “Sanctuary” tells the timely fictional story of a dystopian America, a totalitarian regime, and a 16-year-old undocumented girl who decides to fight back…

In appreciation of this Book Talk, we ask that in gratitude a suggested donation of $18 (or any amount) be made to benefit Faith in NJ working to preserve & protect immigrant rights. Donations to Faith in NJ can be made by clicking HERE. You may also choose to donate to HIAS. Founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in 1881 to assist Jews fleeing pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe, HIAS has touched the life of nearly every Jewish family in America and now welcomes all who have fled persecution. Donations to HIAS can be made by clicking HERE. To register click HERE 

March 8, 2021 at 7:00pm  

A First Hand Account of a Mother and Teenage Daughter in Detention                                               
Facilitator Susan Seigeltuch

A Central American mother and her daughter were evaluated forensically by two senior clinicians, Dr. Gilbert Kliman, MD, and Susan Siegeltuch, LCSW, FIPA,TSTI member.  Both mother and daughter experienced multiple traumas in their country of origin as well as having their suffering reactivated by ICE and their time in detention. The interviews were conducted with psychologically-informed thinking and empathic and humane listening. This first-hand account of an asylum seeker and her daughter is a tribute to their resilience. It is also a demonstration of how clinicians can make a significant contribution to work outside the office. To register click HERE

Wednesday, March 10 at 7:00pm

Jerusalem:Center for Three Great Monotheistic Religions
Facilitator: Gadi Ben-Dov 

On this virtual tour through time and space, we will visit all Four Quarters of the Old City. From Jaffa Gate to Jewish Quarter and Western Wall, the Temple Mount and Church of the Holy Sepulcher, we will delve into the complicated and nuanced relationships among all of the people that live in this unique city.

About our tour guide:

Gadi Ben-Dov was born in the US, raised in a kibbutz in the Galilee, and now lives in the center of Israel. Gadi became a licensed tour guide after finishing his IDF service as an officer and traveling the world. His love of the land, and especially the people of Israel, has given him insights into this country that he shares with every visitor. To register click HERE

Friday, March 12 (7:00pm immediately following services)

Shabbat Scholar
Immediately following services at approximately 7:00pm
Scholar: Dr. Mehnaz Afridi 
Topic: Working with Holocaust Survivors as a Muslim Woman

Dr. Afridi is an Associate Professor of Religious studies and Director of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College.  

Dr. Afridi will discuss her journey in her book, Shoah through Muslim Eyes, she will discuss her journey with Judaism as a Muslim. Dr. Afridi rejects polemical myths about the Holocaust and Jews, Afridi offers a new way of creating understanding of two communities through the acceptance and enormity of the Shoah. Her journey is both personal and academic in which the reader can find nuances of her belief in Islam, principles of justice, and the loneliness of such a journey. She will discuss the importance of interviewing survivors and dispelling antisemitism. She will share her initiatives that have put non-Jewish students in touch with survivors and the second generation. To register click HERE.

Sunday, March 21 at 7:00pm

Sunday at the Movies: Bad Faith
Facilitator: Stephen Whitty

Watch the movie together, then participate in a meaningful group discussion with Stephen Whitty on Sunday, March 21 at 7pm. To register click HERE

About the film:

For four years Ishmael (Roschdy Zem) and Clara (Cécile de France) have made their unlikely relationship work. He's Arab and works in a music conservatory; she's Jewish and is a successful physical therapist. Their world is rocked by Clara's admission that she's pregnant. Though they're both ecstatic, Clara and Ishmael are hesitant to tell their conservative families, who they know will object. The couple's love for each other is put to the test as they try to bring their families together. 

March 22, April 5, 12 at 7:30pm

Bo, Nashir Shir Hashirim! (Come, Let’s Sing The Song of Songs!)
Facilitator: Student Cantor Hamstra

Spring is coming, Pesach is upon us and that means it’s time for Shir HaShirim!  Let’s give the most beautiful poetry in the Bible the attention it deserves. Join Student Cantor Hamstra for a few evenings of learning about the text, its connection to the holiday, a few of its interpretations by some of the great Jewish scholars of the past, and music that it has inspired.  Come ready to read, discuss, sing (if you like), and explore this incredible poetry together! To register click HERE.