Shabbat Services

Our approach to worship is the same as our approach to life at TSTI – we recognize and embrace our diverse community and look to offer experiences that will be varied and meaningful throughout the year.

Shabbat Evening Worship

Of all the Jewish holidays Shabbat is often deemed the most important. As the most frequent observance, it is the holiday that truly allows our community to “live in Jewish time.”

Shabbat worship on Friday evening takes place either at 6:00pm or 7:30pm throughout the year. During the programming year from September through June the times mostly alternate between the two times. (Holiday weekends and during the summer worship is always at 6:00pm.) There are exceptions however so please, click here for our temple calendar to see this week’s specific schedule.

The 6:00pm service is an informal "come as you are” worship experience. We begin promptly at 6:00pm as we welcome Shabbat together. We do our best to keep the 6:00pm service to one hour so those in attendance can then gather at home or somewhere else to enjoy a Shabbat meal.

The 7:30pm service is a bit more formal than the 6:00pm service but because we always want people to join together in whatever way makes them most comfortable it is still "come as you are."

Services are held either in the main sanctuary or in the smaller Gellis/Green Chapel. Our website, weekly e-newsletter and posted signs will indicate where worship is each week.

Special Shabbat observances include our Awesome Onegs. These Shabbat evenings involve one of our school grades participating in leading the service and then joining together for a special Oneg and program led by our community’s teens. It also gives adults an opportunity to spend time connecting with one another at the Oneg.

Our Scholar Shabbatot occur five times a year. During these 6:00pm services, the entire community has the opportunity to briefly hear from a scholar of note during the worship service. After services members of the community join together for a Shabbat meal and an opportunity to hear from, and speak with, the scholar in greater depth. A Question and Answer period is also part of the evening’s program. Pre-registration for dinners is required. Click here for more details.

Worship music runs the gamut from a cappella, to a keyboard accompaniment, to our very own homegrown TSTI band. We want our worship experience to be highly participatory, and it is for that reason that we have made much of the music we sing during worship available through this website or upon request. Please click here for a link to music.

Shabbat Morning Worship

Each Shabbat morning throughout the year there is a TSTI member-led worship service in the Gross Beit Midrash. It begins at 9:15am and is followed by a brief discussion of the week’s Torah portion. All are welcome to attend.

Services celebrating our young people becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah take place most Saturday mornings in the Bass Sanctuary Building beginning at 10:15am. On many weeks we also hold Bar and Bat Mitzvah services in the Gellis/Green Chapel beginning at 10:30am.

Please note that we do not hold designated "family services." This was the result of a philosophical decision we made years ago when we realized that if some services were considered "family services" other services could be perceived as "children are not welcome." Instead, we strive to have all of our services be "family-friendly" and we welcome people of all ages at each and every Shabbat service.

Baum Family Room

If you are attending worship with an infant who is crying or young child who needs a place to “express themselves” but you would still like to be part of the service there is a comfortable room next to the sanctuary that has a live video feed from the main sanctuary.

Live Streaming

Both of our main worship spaces are equipped with a streaming video service that allows those who wish to worship with us but are unable to be present physically to participate. Simply click here or the "Watch from Home" tab on our home page in order to access this system. If a service is taking place you will be able to join in within a few seconds.

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