Women's Connection

Women's Connection is a welcoming, multi-generational group that provides the opportunity for the women of TSTI to spend time together, get to know each other, learn from each other and have a blast in the meantime.

For a complete calendar listing of our events please click here to see the TSTI main calendar.

This year's events:
- Our kickoff event "A Sip of Art" (October 17, 7:30pm)
(Read Cantor Finn's beautiful Trees of Life words here)

- New Year's Wellness Event (Jan 10th)
- Our Intergenerational Women's Empowerment Seder (April 3)
Conversation and Book Discussion with Rabbi Cohen (May 9th)
- Foodie walking tour with Ellen Blake (May 14)

Here is a sampling of other recent events we've enjoyed:  
A delicious walking tour in Flushing
Conversations and Book Discussions with Rabbi Cohen
Fall foliage walk at Greenwood Gardens
Visit to the Jewish Museum
Spa Day at Woodhouse Day Spa in Summit
Mahjong Mondays!

Please come, join us, enjoy, and find out more…contact Sue Brand.

**Please support Women's Connection with our dish rental for your next TSTI event. Contact Hilda Silverman.